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TurboGrafx CD category games

Last AlertBonk 3 - Bonk's Big AdventureSyd Mead's TerraformingWonder Boy III - Monster LairValis IIISim Earth - The Living PlanetFinal Zone IIYs Book I & II - Ancient Ys VanishedSherlock Holmes Consulting Detective Vol. 2Super Air ZonkBeyond ShadowgateShadow of the BeastDungeon Master - Theron's QuestExile 2 - Wicked PhenomenonSherlock Holmes Consulting DetectiveDungeon Explorer IIForgotten Worlds4 in 1 Super CDDynastic Hero, TheMight and Magic III - Isles of TerraCosmic Fantasy 2Fantasy Star SoldierLoomExileValis IIJ.B. Harold Murder ClubJohn Madden Duo CD FootballBuster Bros.Splash LakeShape ShifterGodzillaCamp CaliforniaJack Nicklaus Turbo GolfYs III - Wanderers from YsPrince of PersiaDragon Slayer - The Legend of HeroesIt Came from the DesertFighting StreetMagical Dinosaur TourLords of the Rising SunCotton - Fantastic Night DreamsAddams Family, TheRiot ZoneLords of ThunderVasteel