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Panic !Star BladeJoe Montana's NFL FootballLawnmower Man, TheJaguar XJ220Star Wars - Rebel AssaultAdventures of Batman & Robin, TheMickey Mania - The Timeless Adventures of Mickey MouseAndroid AssaultWolfchildAH-3 ThunderstrikeWing Commander3 Ninjas Kick BackDemolition ManStar Wars ChessStellar-FireSoul StarPrince of PersiaBattlecorpsRevenge of the NinjaSonic the Hedgehog CD (May 12, 1993 prototype)BC RacersPopful Mail - Magical Fantasy AdventureTheme ParkChampionship Soccer '94BouncersEarnest EvansAmazing Spider-Man, The vs. The KingpinSonic the Hedgehog Megamix 4.0bEcco the DolphinCliffhangerShadow of the Beast IIRoad AvengerDragon's LairMortal KombatFinal Fight CDEternal Champions - Challenge from the Dark SideUltraverse PrimeSonic CDEcco - The Tides Of TimeSpace Adventure, The - Cobra the Legendary BanditSmurfs, TheSpace AceKeio Flying SquadronCrime PatrolSonic the Hedgehog CD (Jun 21, 1993 prototype)Lunar - The Silver StarSnatcherLethal EnforcersSonic CD Plus PlusShining Force CDBatman ReturnsSega Classics - 5-in-1Samurai ShodownTime GalWild WoodyWonder DogSilpheedSonic the Hedgehog CD (Aug 1, 1993 prototype)Dungeon ExplorerSecret of Monkey Island, TheRadical RexChuck RockPitfall - The Mayan AdventureJurassic ParkLethal Enforcers II - Gun FightersFatal Fury SpecialSyndicateWheel of FortuneCobra CommandRobo AlesteLunar 2 - Eternal BlueJeopardy !Sewer SharkSonic CD (Japan)Mary Shelley's FrankensteinAfter Burner IIIPower MongerMisadventures of Flink, TheHookAnnet FutatabiSonic for MegaCDDark WizardFlashback - The Quest for IdentitySol-FeaceHeart of the Alien - Out of this World Part I & IISonic the Hedgehog CD (Dec 4, 1992 prototype)Dungeon Master IIVayChuck Rock II - Son Of ChuckPuggsyRevengers of VengeanceAdventures of Willy BeamishBrutal - Paws of FuryLords of ThunderEye of the Beholder - Advanced Dungeons & DragonsRise of the DragonSonic the Hedgehog 1 for SegaCDDuneWWF Rage in the Cage